Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buzz buzz buzz

Hello, my dear bloggers!

I have not blogged in quite a while now due to school work which sucks big time. I've also been preparing for this Exam called the NCAE (National Career Assessment Exam) which is a requirement I'll be needing once I apply for colleges next school year.

I've been too busy with a bunch of other school work like our own mini Musical presentation, my group got Wicked! Also, we have to present Beowulf to our younger school mates soon and I got the part of Grendel's mother which I am really excited about!

To brighten the mood, my cousin has been going back and forth to my house every long weekend and we've been bonding quite a lot lately! (So much love for her)

Just last Saturday, we went to our grandmother's cousin's concert, and it was absolutely fun!

Collar necklace: Girl Stuff || Sleeveless shirt: SM Department Store || Mullet skirt: Punksyonista ||  Wedge heels: Folded & Hung || Blazer: My mom's closet
I wasn't really able to get pictures of the show itself because I was too busy enjoying myself which is quite surprising because I didn't know majority of the songs they sang.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my cousin and I!
My cousin, myself and my aunt! (L-R)

I have such chinky eyes!

Enjoy the week!

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