Wednesday, February 20, 2013


A couple of months back, I got into this very cool site called Soundcloud.

As a singer-songwriter, it's pretty much where I vent out and make the whole world listen to my covers and original songs.

Don't hesitate to check it out! :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Things Never Happen The Same Way Twice

I just realize now that I haven't updated this at all this year! I am going to change that, I swear!

So for my "come back", I'll be talking about my prom experience!

I know that prom is the night where every girl's dream comes true. Everyone's all doll-ed up, wearing fabulous dresses and killer heels. It's the one night where you can just forget about school work and problems and just be a lady. I was actually planning on going stag for my prom but due to my friends setting me up with people, I decided that I would go with a date.
This is me with my date, Albert San Juan. I'm actually really glad I was with him! Albert, if you're reading this, thank you so much for being with me! I had a lot of fun!!

And honestly, I'm actually glad I did go with a date.

I think at some point if I was stag, everything would have been even more awkward. Especially when everyone was slow dancing.

This photo was taken by one of my batch mates during our prom

Our theme was kind of Narnia-like, with the wardrobe and all, entitled "The Winter Solstice". Down to the closet door entrance, to the coats hanging by the entrance hitting your face as you walk, to the artificial snow, to the lamp post that you see one Lucy enters Narnia, and to the icicles hanging from the Hall's ceiling. Everything was amazing!

The hosts were from some radio network and they were amazing! I actually had fun with the questions they asked! (i.e. "Should you give up or should you just keep chasing pavements?", "Why is Chris Brown?" and many more!) The DJ was also really awesome although I wish my classmate would have volunteered to DJ for a while.

Everything really was magical and so surreal. I know everyone prepared so much for this and it really payed off! Sadly, I wasn't able to take too many pictures. :-(

(Tip to all those who are going to their prom next year: Take A LOT of pictures. By A LOT, I mean A LOT. You're really going to regret not being able to take more pictures.) Over-all it was really amazing, and honestly, I really wish we could rewind it.

I guess things never really happen the same way twice.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buzz buzz buzz

Hello, my dear bloggers!

I have not blogged in quite a while now due to school work which sucks big time. I've also been preparing for this Exam called the NCAE (National Career Assessment Exam) which is a requirement I'll be needing once I apply for colleges next school year.

I've been too busy with a bunch of other school work like our own mini Musical presentation, my group got Wicked! Also, we have to present Beowulf to our younger school mates soon and I got the part of Grendel's mother which I am really excited about!

To brighten the mood, my cousin has been going back and forth to my house every long weekend and we've been bonding quite a lot lately! (So much love for her)

Just last Saturday, we went to our grandmother's cousin's concert, and it was absolutely fun!

Collar necklace: Girl Stuff || Sleeveless shirt: SM Department Store || Mullet skirt: Punksyonista ||  Wedge heels: Folded & Hung || Blazer: My mom's closet
I wasn't really able to get pictures of the show itself because I was too busy enjoying myself which is quite surprising because I didn't know majority of the songs they sang.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of my cousin and I!
My cousin, myself and my aunt! (L-R)

I have such chinky eyes!

Enjoy the week!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Youngsters to Oldies

Last Saturday, Both of my cousins and I went to this formal Rotary event held at the Bouganville resort up in Antipolo.

Before the prayer, this lovely girl danced for us while The Prayer was playing.

Jack-jack and is awkward yet adorable smile!

Me ad my messy hair hahaha!

Special guest: Tito Ernie! Catch him on GMA! 

^ My cousin being her pretty self

My uncle is now the new president of the Rotary club of Cainta!

Then we were called on to the "stage".

The night was really fun, especially when my uncle started dancing!

I realized that night that I really like staying up late and looking fab. Hahahaha!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's In My Bag

I just recently thought of a new blog series I would do which is called What's In My Bag. I saw a bunch of people doing this on tumblr and I really thought it was school so I'm going to give it a try!

So school just started for me today (check out the full post here) and so I obviously had to bring a bag to school. Being lazy-ass Emilyn, I decided not to bring my books because I don't have a lock for my locker yet.

So these are the things I brought to school today:

Today, I used my Boulder Ridge bag because it was small and had 2 shoulder straps so I wouldn't have to hold anything.

Things I brought:
  1. Airhead: Being Nikki by Meg Cabot book
  2. Spare Muji notebook
  3. Strepsils (Just in case!)
  4. Maybelline shine free cake powder (Nude Beige)
  5. Nivea Angel Star lip balm
  6. Hair clips and an elastic
  7. Rosary in my Mickey Mouse case
  8. Ellips French Vanilla cologne
  9. Mirror from my Guess bag
  10. Sea snake skin wallet
  11. Sweet Pea loion
  12. Black pencil case
  13. Paulinian Appreciation Day '12 fan from last year
I'm probably already going to switch bags because I'm going to start bringing books tomorrow so expect another What's In My Bag post soon!

Day in the life of a Junior

I am now a Junior, currently on my 3rd year as part of the High School department at SPCP and I am quite okay as to how things are going so far.

I'm pretty sad that I'm not in the same room with my group of friends but I think this will help me grow as a student and as a person 'cause this could help me learn to "go out of my comfort zone" and what-not.

Today, we found out our schedule for almost every Wednesday of my entire Junior year and I'm pretty okay with the subjects except for the fact that we have Math then Physics right after but I think it's tolerable 'cause we have our lunch break in between, haha!

To be honest, I was really looking forward to this school year because this is the year where we get to do lots of performances like our class production of Beowulf, and other group performances like Romeo & Juliet and Macabre films. Sadly, I did not really end up in the room I'd like to be in.

I mean, yeah sure, I'm fine with my classmates although I wish I had different classmates.

So, day 1 of my Junior year is done. 10 more months to go and it's summer '13!

I'm pretty sure this is going to be a wild ride, this year.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cross Jewelry

Hello everyone! My name is Scarlett and I write fashion posts over at The Trendy Chick. Writing my blog is my way to express my love for fashion. I have only been blogging for about 6 months now, so I am not a well known blogger. But it is my hobby, and I love doing it! I would also love it if you guys would stop by sometime and say hi! 

In the past couple weeks, I have been seeing a ton of girls wearing cross jewelry. Everything from cross necklaces to cross bracelets or cross rings! Today, I want to show you a couple different places to buy cute cross jewelry for not too much money.

There is a website that sells these adorable cross bracelets and other jewelry. These bracelets are only $11 on They are so cute, and I have heard that they are great quality, as long as you keep them away from water. As most of you know, arm candy is super popular right now! So adding a couple of these cross bracelets to your normal bracelets will really look cute!

Forever 21 is a great option for cheap cross necklaces. They are all under $7. But of course, that means the quality is not as good either. I only buy pieces that I will wear occasionally from there, because they tarnish way too quickly! If you are interested, just go onto and search "cross". 

Lastly, I have an option for those who want a less bold cross. This necklace from Wet Seal has a cross and many other charms. It is a great option to add to a lot of different outfits, and it is only $9.50! Think of how adorable it would be when paired with a simple v neck or a simple dress! Be careful not to pair it with a dress with a bold pattern though, because then it won't be seen as easily! 

If you like reading posts like this one, don't forget to checkout my blog too!

xo, Scarlett

Here are her other links:

Check out her amazing blog!
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