Friday, June 1, 2012

Guest Blogger: Angie from Hotchocolate4Sunshine

Hello lovely readers of itsemilynaguirre. I’m Angie and co founder of together with my friend Abby, which for short we all just call B.

Our blog represents our style, inspiration and views on the upcoming trends. We like to keep our blog fun and easy going. Besides loving to put up outfit of the day posts, I extremely enjoy making DIY’s of any kind fashion or beauty. It has been something that always has been a part of my life.

Fun fact it, B lives in the UK and I currently in Germany, which gives us the chance to show you the trends of different parts of Europe. Another fact about me is, I once cancelled on a date with a fairly cute boy, because there was a massive sale going on. You gotta have your priorities straight. xD

Well, if you are interested we are more than happy to have you visit our blog, maybe leave us a comment so we can have a look at yours. I see blogs like shoes, you can never have too many and never get tired of looking at them.

It was an honour being a guest blogger on itsemilynaguirre today

KKBB, Angie 

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  1. I love those bags!



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