Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project # 1

I've only gotten into interior designing this summer and my first project is my room.

For some absurd reason, I decided to paint my room pink. Light pink for the walls and a slightly darker pink for the accent.

The only thing in my room right now would be my clothes, my uncle's old television and study table. I already have a plan as to how I want my room to look like
Here's a very, very rough draft of my room. (It's my 1st 3D drawing so sorry if it's not really that good)

Also, I've been practicing on some patterns and things I want in my room:

Also, yesterday, we went to SM to buy some things for my brother then we saw this really cool piece and we instantly got it!
Can't wait to get my furniture and actually start lay-outing the real thing!


  1. wow that looks great, :) cant wait for u to post pics of how your room looks at the end. :) x angie

  2. Looks amazing! I love the color ideas and the poster :)



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