Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer's over!

This summer wasn't anything I expected at all. It was pretty lame compared to the previous ones 'cause we didn't even go to the beach at all and I only swam twice in 2 months so that's pretty sad.

Also, school's about to start in a couple of days and I am absolutely not ready. As of right now, everyone is panicking over the class list (even myself) and I really wish I get a good class because of everything we're going to be doing this year.

To end this boring rant about school, enjoy a few Macabre videos from the previous batches from my school!
The Last Vice by surething723
Playmate by bianca12345287
Athena Bria by allYSSAboutme
To The Reader by ysa722

None of these videos are mine. I got them all from youtube.


  1. For me summer hasn't even started yet.
    I hope that you have a good time and everything goes amazing.


  2. That's a shame your summer wasn't what you were expecting. I hope you get into the class you wanted.

    Sita xx


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