Sunday, June 3, 2012

Road trips at its finest Part I

Last 26th of May, my parents decided that we go to Tanay so my brother can go out of the house and we can go around Rizal.

We found this cute little place that sells fruits and veggies and herbs and my dad made me taste this leaf which tasted surprisingly sweet although I can't really remember what it was called. The cute part of that little herb-selling-place was that they had a sign that said "Farmville" and the sign looked really authentic!

(L-R) My mom, my brother, myself, my cousin. Check out Farm Ville @ Tanay!

While we were on the road,  we decided to have a mini-photo shoot for the heck of it!
My cousin (Issa) and I thinking about how to "pose" (Mind you, this was all for fun)

My cousin and I trying to be "fierce".

My cousin and I attempting to do gymnastics and failing HAHA!

My dad then told us to run, so we ran. 

That day was absolutely fun, seeing dogs at Farm Ville, actually finding a Farm Ville sign that looks legit, running around Tanay to take photos, pigging out at Burger King afterwards and getting drunk on apple juice.

All photos were taken by my dad, Jon Aguirre.

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  1. Seems like you guys enjoyed a lot. Love the pictures.... :)


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