Sunday, June 3, 2012

Road trips at its finest Part II

As a continuation of my previous post, my uncle needed a family photo for his induction as President for the Rotary Club of Cainta (I think) so we went back to Tanay and took our photo.

Blogger world, meet my family.
(L-R) My uncle (Jorge), my brother (Miguel), my dad (Jon), my mom (Cathy), my grandmother (Momsie), my guy cousin (Jack-jack), my aunt (Pinky), my girl cousin (Issa) and myself!

My dad told us to run again, so we did, again. It was still extremely fun and even my brother got into it!


I'm pretty sure this won't be our last impromptu family photo shoot. I am extremely looking forward to more of these!

All photos were taken by my dad, Jon Aguirre.

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  1. aw!!:) your family is so cutee:)



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